About Redeem & Restore

Family Mediation in Knoxville, TN

Redeem & Restore Mediation Group, LLC specializes in family mediation services.  Mediation is a form of Alternate Dispute Resolution procedure for settling disputes free of litigation. The many benefits of mediation include that it is a confidential process where the parties are in control, engaged in a setting promoting open communication, which translates into a quicker, more cost effective resolution all while keeping your child’s best interests or any other priorities the main focus.

Marcus and Jennifer are both Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Family Mediators who are specially trained in domestic violence. They offer online and in-person mediation services inclusive to heterosexual and LGBTQ communities. They offer a cooperative approach to help individuals collaboratively reconcile their issues ranging from pre-marital mediations, post-marital mediations, divorce, dissolution of domestic partnerships, parenting plan modifications, and adoptions.

Marcus and Jennifer are available to assist individuals who are experiencing difficulties navigating through a family matter dispute.  They are compassionate and capable to support you in mending your issue.  They practice the co-mediator model to provide ample opportunity and resources to help you with your needs.  Please contact us for pricing.  

Family Mediation, Child Custody, Divorce, Parenting Plans